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Hello! My name is Jaspreet Rai and I'm a prescribing pharmacist based in the Chelsea, London. After watching hundreds of sick people come in to pharmacies for drugs to treat sickness often inflicted by poor diet and lifestyle choices, I found myself wanting to know more about healthy and organic food and drinks. Surely we could help to prevent sickness through our lifestyle, rather than waiting until it became a medical problem? 


I came across so many superfoods and although they all possess amazing powers, it was matcha - super power green tea - which really caught my attention.


The ability to gain 4 - 6 hours of natural caffeine energy and increase protein and fibre intake through one spoonful of powder made me fall in love with it - and that's before I learnt it contains 137 times more goodness in one serving compared with regular green tea. The list of vitamins and nutrients matcha contains is amazing - including folic acid, vitamins A, B, C, D, zinc and magnesium - and, as a powder with a mild taste, it's also really versatile. 

I decided I needed to give a healthy, powerful superfood to the world with exceptional organic quality and nutrients - enter UP YOUR MATCHA. At the same time, it had to be at a reasonable and accessible price to help people like my patients obtain it! They wouldn't look twice at some of the prices I had already seen for Matcha.


To top all of this, it's been an important practice in my life for a number of years to give 10% of my earnings to charity. So this principle has been followed through in the UP YOUR MATCHA ethics - and a donation is made with every purchase. 


14 Petty Cross

Berkshire, SL1 6JB


T: 02031 516950

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